Thursday, 8 December 2011

Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)

Another wonderful pregnancy symptom that sneaks up on you. I started having mild SPD when I was about 5 months. It sort of came and went - nothing I couldn't cope with. There were good days and bad days and it was especially bad when I'd been out walking. I still wanted to get in some form of exercise even though I knew I'd pay the price come night time. Plus everyone seems to ask me whenever they see me or call if I'm 'walking enough' or more subtly, if I was 'moving around'. Kinda scared me into doing it so I don't bite my lower lip with regret when I'm in labour.

Lately it's gone from bad to worse though. I'm in excruciating pain especially when I lay down to sleep at night. Oh boy! You'd think I should be excited about getting in as much sleep as I can, while I can, but going to bed at night is not something I look forward to. Turning over is a nightmare. Getting up to pee as often as I do is unspeakable torture. My legs seem to give way from my pelvic joint, it feels like they're not connecting... I've even asked Dh to move them unto the floor for me but that didn't reduce the pain. It only helped in the sense that he was doing it and I wasn't inflicting it on myself.

After getting up I have to waddle/limp to the bathroom to do my business. Then I have to settle back into bed moaning, groaning and biting my lower lip.

I notice when I take my walks a day before, the pain lingers through the day nowadays. I'm almost bed bound. It's hard going up and down the stairs too. I only go down when I absolutely have to.

This SPD thing has me so drained I don't have any energy to sew. I was able to make two changing pads and a few flannels, other than that I haven't been able to do much else. Plus the cold isn't helping. Its frustrating having to lie in bed all day watching movies and browsing (Oh the horror!).

Tomorrow I'm going to have to force myself to go shopping for my hospital bag. Just the bare essentials. Not gonna break my neck buying stuff I might not need. Don't even have the strength to begin with. I'll just breeze in and breeze out. I need to have the comfort of knowing that if anything happens from now on, at least, I'll be prepared. Plus I don't really see Dh doing the hospital bag shopping. He'll be bewildered at the mere mention of breast pads. Men suck at things like that. As for the other things I'll need, I'll most likely order them online and have him pick them up in-store. Lets just hope my darn pelvis cooperates.