Tuesday, 12 April 2011

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I haven’t abandoned my blog. For the last few months my life has been one non-event after the other, so there’s been nothing new to report. Still trying to not be broke, lol… I’m getting there. Still keeping up with my healthy lifestyle and still being relatively symptom free, ‘xcept for the still lingering infertility bit.

A few months ago I was wondering if I wanted to go ahead with IUI. According to the information sheet I got from the fertility centre the success rate was 15%. Meaning there’s just about a 1 in 10 chance of conception. Meaning out of every ten couples that undergo IUI only one of them will conceive. The statistics seem too low to be considered; but when it comes to TTC all procedures are considered, especially if they're relatively cheaper than IVF.

With my just-one-tube I was considering if it was worth putting myself through the procedure for 6 months. Do I have the strength for the emotional ups and downs; the inevitable and emotionally nerve wrecking 2ww? The expectations that come after you’ve been through so much and you believe you deserve to get some reward afterward and the disappointment that comes with it too.

Hubby decided we should give it a shot. Even he was not impressed by the success rate but we figure we might give it a shot. He is more hopeful than I am though. I am going into this realistically.

For now I’m still waiting to book an information session with the nurse and commence treatment. It should be within the next 30 – 60 days. You need a shitload of patience when you are battling infertility. I’ve had 4 years to perfect mine.


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