Saturday, 24 September 2011

PCOS and Pregnancy

I thought I should touch briefly on how my PCOS and pregnancy have been getting along.

My acne is back full force. Not just on my back, chest and face, but it seems to be popping up on my tummy and thighs as well. I’ve always had acne, and it went away pre Bob, but it’s really bad around now, worse than when I was a teenager with hormones dribbling down my nostrils. At times like this I wish I were dark skinned. I can only hope after my hormones get back to normal the black spots will lighten up somewhat over time.

-I’ve become more hirsuite on my chin, chest and belly. I read that it’s normal for hair growth to increase due to the pregnancy hormones, but when your tummy looks like Chewbacca and you’re pulling hairs off your chin, you’re not exactly going to be high-fiving random strangers with glee.

-Weight gain was happening slowly and now seems to be speeding up on its own accord. I’m only now back at the weight I was pre Bob. I lost 8kg early on due to morning sickness and general lack of appetite. I still try to eat healthy as best as I can, but when I started getting headaches from eating low GI foods, I realized I needed to step up my carb in take. The one thing I’m happy about is I’ve been able to tolerate my morning oats. That’s really helped with constipation and putting some food in my belly when I couldn’t stand much else.

-My glucose tolerance test to detect gestational diabetes is going to take place next month. That determines whether or not I get put back on Met. Fingers crossed.


Midwife appointment is next week Thursday. Loads of stuff to discuss, particularly my extremely short to non-existent perineum that’s been giving me sleepless nights. I’ve been having nightmares about tears, fistulas and every horrible thing that could go wrong during labour. Considering I want a completely natural childbirth I want this particular issue cleared up before I’m cowered into an epidural.

Antenatal classes also start next week. Yey!

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