Saturday, 30 June 2012

I know I Should Be Writing More

as opposed to copying and pasting articles I come across during my internet ramblings. I know, I know. I've been naughty with my blog. Bob is only now settled into a predictable routine so it's easier for me to sneak in some blogging time into my schedule. I'll try and make this quick because I fractured my left wrist and am mostly typing with one hand.

Dealing with PCOS post baby is very different to pre-baby because your main motivator has been achieved. I'm still trying to eat as healthily as I can. Slowly working up my fitness up to where I can do my aerobics every other day. I gave myself 6 months because that's meant to be how long you exclusively breastfeed for. And God knows breast feeding on demand is no piece of cake. I'm introducing solids gradually, like every other day. But his sole source of nutrient is still breast milk at the moment.

Lately though I've been having a host of symptoms (which I'll rant about in my next post) that suggest pregnancy or PCOS returning full force. Test came out negative so I'm keeping calm and carrying on. Started taking my multivitamins both to stem PCOS onslaught and not be caught unawares if I am pregnant.

I'll test again on Sunday, making it precisely a week later. If and this is a big fat IF I am preggers, there are a lot of things to consider.


  1. Hi Crystal, I would have replied sooner but was having problems with Blogger on Chrome, :)