Sunday, 5 September 2010

Random Thoughts

 - My SIL and my niece and nephew came over for a 3 week holiday. Needless to say the house was full of the kinds of food that will mar the efforts of the most diligent PCOS'er dieter. They've left and I'm left with two extra pounds. I didn't even stuff my face, yet I still managed to pile on a kilo. Verily PCOS, thou art a bitch!

My weakness is not that I'm still in-love with carbs but that I hate to see food go to waste. I almost cry if I have to throw perfectly good food away simply because nobody wants it. Moping up food with my mouth once in a blue moon is not the same as doing it for weeks in a row. Lesson learnt! 

- Dh's gone again, leaving me frustrated in a way only a woman whose husband travels a lot while they are ttc and she's infertile can understand. Ever since we got married I don't think I've spent 6 straight months with my hubby. In the beginning I thought that was why we weren't getting pregnant before I was diagnosed with PCOS. I suppose I should stop moaning and thank God I have a husband in the first place. But that's not the point. The point is he sets me up for disappointment each time he returns just before I ov and I end up getting a bfn. I'm putting ttc on the backburner for now untill he gets a more stable job for the sake of my sanity. 

- Tomorrow is my first appointment with the fertility clinic. I hope I don't get told off for stopping Metformin. Some doctors can snort with derision at anything that isn't in their textbooks even if it works perfectly well. I'm curious to know if there is any hormonal improvements. 

Another day of people poking and prodding my lady bits *sigh* Ah well, beggars can't be choosers. 

I'll update on how it goes.

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