Monday, 4 October 2010

October 2010

I wish I was one of those people that disappear from their blogs for a while then come back and report that they are pregnant or that all their dreams have come true or they're finally as thin as a celery stick, etc. Sadly that is not to be the case. I haven't blogged in ages because I've been trying to keep my head above water. A lot of shittty things have been happening to me lately, been trying not to get sucked into the vortex of depression, among others. But I still thank God for all I’m blessed with. I have a handle on it now, hopefully.


To continue where I left off. My last appointment at the fertility clinic went well. They took my history and gave me dates to come in for blood tests, HSG and an intra-vag ultrasound.

The first blood test on CD28 was last week Monday. Unfortunately the second test which was supposed to be on CD2 fell on Saturday so I will have to postpone it until next month and pray it doesn't fall on a weekend again. I have sent them an email to book an appointment for the HSG, waiting to hear from them tomorrow.

My scan is in Nov and then we have the first follow up appointment in Jan 2011 to review all our test results and plan where to go from there. 


On a positive front - several positive fronts, actually - I've started losing weight again and getting closer to my target weight. Yey! This is months after Met screwed up everything for me. I started Tae Bo and its no coincidence that my period has gone from 35/36 days to 32days this month. I pray it's not just a fluke.

At some point fatigue began to rear it’s ugly head, no thanks to the depression. I started sleeping for more than 16 hrs daily, and still was feeling tired. I refused to entertain it though. I absolutely refused to regress after all those months of hard work!

So I researched online for herbal remedies to boost thyroid function, came across Kelp and marched my still thundery thighs down to the pharmacy to get me some.  I take it before every meal. I also take coconut oil daily to boost metabolism. I had to literally force myself to work out, I felt dizzy at times, but the weight is coming off and my energy levels are going back up. Now my body actually craves exercise.... I start to feel funny on days when I don't work out! What's amazing is that I've only been doing Tae Bo for a few weeks, I'm not even able to complete the whole session, yet my arms are already showing definition. My biceps are hard, yo! 

I didn't do much herbs last month. Nutritionally all I did was boost my fibre intake. I now combine my daily oats breakfast routine with wheat bran and oat bran and of course, cinnamon. I take two tablespoons of raw flaxseeds - soaked in hot water for at least 30minutes to soften 'em up then chew like a mofo (excellent jawxercise, lol) tastes great, actually.

I started Psyllium husk - just one teaspoon in a large cup of water. Women are recommended to take flax seeds the first half of their cycle before ovulation and sesame seed in the second half. I take my flaxseed daily except for when I'm on my period, then I just take only a teaspoon with my morning oats. 

I noticed as long as I don't touch refined foods I don't 'struggle' with my weight. But as soon as I start eating those things, even if I eat it in tiny quantities, or I eat say, white rice with tonnes of veggies, I still struggle. I eat only brown rice these days and whole wheat bread. 

I only did the castor oil therapy a couple of times when I felt ovarian pain after ovulation. 

The only PMS symptom I had was the pain on the sides of my bbs, but they appeared a few days before AF and disappeared as soon as AF started. Here are a list of other PCOS and PMS symptoms I used to have, but no longer have:
  • Acne (my face, back, bum and chest are still marked by its evil scars!)
  • Oily skin
  • Dodgy hairs on my chest and chesticles
  • Bleeding or spotting in-between periods and after BD
  • Irregular or absent periods
  • Long periods - that last about 7 days
  • Heavy periods with ginormous clots and painful cramps
  • Lack of ovulation
  • Sweet tooth and craving for carbs
  • Extreme PMS symptoms
Thankfully things are more 'normal' now. I have an LP of approximately 14days because I had the butt pain on the 18th of September. The good news is that I am ovulating and things feel good hormone-wise, no extremes of highs and lows... the bad news is that my tubes may either be blocked (and the pressure of the egg trying to be forced through gives me butt pain) or my Dh's spermies don't have their microscopic heads screwed on properly which is why I may not be getting preggers. Although, admittedly, we only got to BD twice out of the 4 ovulatory cycles that I've had so far. So that’s not a very good yardstick.

Anyway, I feel so good I am hoping pregnancy will happen before the end of the year. Challenging as it is, I prefer permanent lifestyle changes to having to swallow pills for the rest of my life. I’m gradually reclaiming my body. It’s been an uphill struggle battling PCOS and TTC naturally but I feel great. I FINALLY HAVE AN HOUR GLASS FIGURE, LOST 5in on my waist, have a FLAT TUMMY! STUFF THAT PCOS, YOU CRAZY PSYCHOTIC BITCH!!!

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