Friday, 22 October 2010

I Must Be Doing A Few Things Right!

My scan went well. There is dramatic improvement on my right ovary, but my left ovary is still poly-cystic although both are not as heavily poly-cystic as they were in May. Clearly I'm doing a few things right! I'm more motivated than ever now to keep up my current lifestyle. 

There is hope that I can completely rid myself of poly-cystic ovaries. Woot!


Another improvement to shout about - my periods have gone from 35/36 days to 31 days! Just 3 days shy of the proverbial 'normal' cycle *gloat*

And also, my ovulation pain have gone from crippling butt pain that I can't sit or poop to mild butt pain. 

It's improvements all around... except for the darn pregnancy thing... ugh!

Which brings me to the 2ww front, nothing new to report, unfortunately (or fortunately). It's 5dpo and I feel my usual self, except that my nipples are painful to the touch and I feel a little fatigued. The last time I had nipple pain was in 2008, when I thought I was pregggy. Didn't get my period in three months then had a massive bleed that went on forever. Of course I'm not pinning my hopes on a pair of tender nipps because for some weird reason, they've been tender even before I ov'd. I'm not sure if it's because I stopped drinking my Spearmint Tea or if it's because I had a mad craving for soy milk earlier in my cycle - both could explain the high levels of estrogen, hence the tender nipps. 

I have been thinking about how women (myself included) indulge in 2ww obsessions, even though in reality  most women don't know they are preggy until about 4 - 6 weeks. My best friend who is 4 months preggy has not had a single symptom to date - no nausea, no dodgy breast pain, no fatigue, nothing. I know, I know, every woman is different, yada yada yada... 

I just wonder if we're stressing ourselves for nothing. What if we are among those asymptomatic women? Then again, I think, women who don't have problems trying to conceive don't really pay much attention to their bodies. Some things are easy to miss unless they are unusual. So, they may very well have had 'some' symptoms which they didn't pay any attention to. 

So, to every woman her obsession!

In any case, I honestly believe one or both of my tubes are blocked and that's why I'm not getting preggy. Can't wait for my HSG next month. If after that I still don't get preggy, THEN I will happily and guiltlessly throw myself against the wall when I get my period.


Finally, you know how women often say they had vivid dreams about having a baby in their 2ww. Well, I had mine last night. And typical of my dreams, it was quite bizarre. I dreamt that I was driving past a field of cows somewhere in America, which also happened to be a children's park here in London which had playground with kids playing in it. Then the cows simultaneously started giving birth. 

But the cows weren't giving birth to calves, they were birthing fully grown men. As soon as the first 'man baby' popped out, a bunch of American military men swooped in and surrounded the area. The 'man baby' was covered in a jelly like substance and the umbilical chord was still attached to the mama cow. Then one of the military men rushed up to him, wiped the goo off his mouth and the 'man baby' began to state the precise location he was in. He mentioned the latitude and longitude and how much distance was from the sea. Then the military man nodded his head and shouted, 'This one is fully formed!', and then some other military men came and carted him away... and thats when I woke up. 

It was so vivid I can still see everything clearly. Spooky! *shrugs* 

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