Saturday, 11 June 2011


Thanks for your comment Sede, I sincerely hope your prayers are answered too. It’s really hard for us culturally because of the pressure from family and friends. This is where you just have to be strong and make sure you and your hubby are on the same page; knowing also that at the end of the day, what will be yours, will be yours. I used to tell the nosey ones that Gods time is the best, it is Him that gives/blesses and that they should just pray for me. That usually keeps them quiet. Don’t let them get to you and add to your stress.

Before I launch into a spiel, let me just say that PCOS affects everywoman differently. Two women can have the exact same hormone profile yet present totally different symptoms. So it’s important to ‘understand’ your body and know what works for you. What works for one cyster may not necessarily work for another. For me it’s always been a trial and error process. Secondly, before you begin tearing your hair out, I hope your Dh has been checked out just to rule out the male factor.

To answer your questions (And I’m more than happy to answer them), we didn’t do anything particularly different. When we BD for TTC purposes, we always used PreSeed which helps because if you’re ovulating but don’t produce EWCM you might think you’re not ovulating. Afterwards I always raise my feet up and prop up my hips for about 20minutes to nudge the little swimmers along (the de facto post-coitus position for serious minded TTC'ers, lol...)

I’m going to theorize and say that I do believe the Metformin ‘helped’. Because I’ve been doing the Low GI diet for over a year and while I was ovulating regularly, my ovaries were still polycystic. Meaning I may have had sufficient hormones to ovulate but not just enough to cause the egg to be released. I’d lost about 20kilos prior to starting Met, which was either in January or February. If you don’t know when exactly you OV it’s a good idea to BD every other day, but I always knew so we did it on that day.

I’m not sure if you’ve had an HSG done yet to determine if your tubes are fine. This is usually done if you’ve been ovulating and BDing but still not conceiving or are about to start any form of fertility treatment. I was told I had a blocked left tube and that was the tube I OV from. I remember feeling disappointed when I felt the ovulatory pain on my left side I told Dh that if he’s up for it we can BD otherwise we should just wait till the following month when I would hopefully OV from my non-blocked tube. I really wasn’t expecting it to happen, and when it did I feared it was ectopic. But everything turned out to be okay.

Miracles do happen Sede. I know it’s depressing when nothing seems to be happening. You just have to motivate yourself and take it one step at a time. You may have seen the flowchart for TTC with PCOS on my blog. It’s always been my guide. It really helps to have a plan and a sense of direction so you can evaluate what you’re doing at every step and make the necessary changes. For instance, you may want to try the natural approach for a year or 6 months, then move on to Metformin, then Metformin+Clomid, or you may just want to start Metformin right away if like me you were already pushing thirty with no bump in sight despite all your hard work, lol… it’s totally up to you.

If you’ve been trying for over a year, the first step will be to establish if you’re ovulating. If your periods are regular you can easily determine this, if they are not FertilityFriend is a great place to start!

If you’re not ovulating, and you’re overweight, losing as little as 7% of your current body weight is enough to jumpstart ovulation and restore fertility. I remember getting a positive OPK the second month of my low GI Diet. The Low GI diet not only helps with weight loss, but it also helps to balance out the hormones. Regular exercise also helps tremendously, so do multi vitamins and various herbs out there if you’re willing to give them a try. I have a friend with PCOS+Endometreosis who swore by DIM supplements and aloe vera juice. I never tried them personally, but it worked for her.

There are online communities for women with PCOS such as which I found invaluable in my TTC journey. There is so much information and you’ll always find someone who understands, a fellow cyster, to answer any question you may have.

I genuinely wish you all the best in your journey, and lots of baby dust. Always remain patient, and never lose sight of your goal. Like I never believed I could rid myself of sugar addiction or stop eating white rice and white flour, but I did and it was worth it. I remember being made fun off at a naming ceremony because I only ate the salad, but I didn’t care because I knew why I was doing it. If you’re resolved the strength will come. And it’s great if your Dh understands too and supports you. Good luck and I hope to hear your good news soon, :) 


  1. wowwwwwwww Congrats !!! I am so happy that you are pregnant !!! It is people like you who inspire me to combat this ugly disease ... I am so happy for you. Take care and have lots of sweet thoughts so that the baby inside feels them :)

  2. Hi Nan, Thank you so much for the detailed response. Yes DH had a SA done, and his numbers were in the lower end of the normal spectrum, but they did consider it ‘normal’
    I also had a HSG done and both tubes are open and everything seemed normal.
    This is what I’ve done so far:
    Cycle 1 – 100mg Clomid BFN
    Cycle 2 – Developed cysts, cycle was cancelled
    Cycle 3 – 100mg Clomid plus Trigger shot; BFN
    Cycle 4 – Femara 5mg No Ovulation
    Cycle 5 – Femara 7.5 mg + IUI; BFN
    Cycle 6 – Femara 7.5 mg + Trigger shot + IUI; BFN

    I still don’t understand why my RE wouldn’t give me Metformin. He said I didn’t need it. I never really bothered to ask him why but I assumed it was because I was a relatively ‘thin cyster’ and my insulin level and fasting glucose was in the normal range. My LH is however at least 3 times higher than my FSH (which is indicative of PCOS), and my Free Testosterone was slightly elevated.
    I however did another set of blood work a month ago after starting a low GI diet, losing 5 pounds (about 2.3 kg) and also doing acupuncture once a week; and my ‘Free Testosterone’ test came back normal. I'm still working on losing 10 more pounds to have a normal BMI, because I'm slightly overweight even though I don't look it because all my fat goes to my belly (thanks PCOS).

    My last medicated cycle was in March and I haven’t seen AF since (I wish it was because I was pregnant). Right now I’m just hoping AF shows so I can give my body a chance to ovulate on its own. I think my body may be trying to adjust to all the changes I’ve been making. DH and I have decided to try naturally. Not only because we have spent a fortune on fertility treatments but to take the pressure off of us and allow my body rest. Btw, he is very supportive but it's the inlaws that just don't get it.
    All I’m doing now is Acupuncture once a week, taking Chinese herbs (from my acupuncturist), trying to stick to my low GI Diet, exercising 20-30 mins 5 days a week, and also seeing a massage therapist every other week to relieve stress. I have tried Preseed, evening primrose oil, and Mucinex (at different times) to increase ewcm, and I confess I do prop my hips on a pillow with legs in the air after BD LOL. I also tried doing Yoga for fertility everyday but I have now stopped because I can’t seem to fit it into my schedule.

    Thanks for ALL your help. I really do appreciate it and I have learnt a LOT from your blog. I am truly happy for you because you have come a long way. I have been TTC for over a year and I know how crazy it has been for us, I can’t imagine what TTC for 4 years was like for you guys. Thank God it has worked out for you, and all your effort was not in vain even though I know it’s God who gives. Wishing you a Happy & Healthy 9 months (okay I guess it’s less than 9 months now). God bless!

    PS. Any tips to bring on AF will be much appreciated. Also, how do I shrink my belly? i think you mentioned lots of veggies?

  3. thanks CP, :) I will do just that, and I really do wish the same for you too, you're already on the right track, :)