Monday, 24 May 2010

Gynea Appointment

Not been blogging much lately. Dh's laptop kicked the bucket and he has tonnes of assignment so he's been borrowing mine.


Tomorrow is my first gynea appointment. When I was referred in early March, I hadn't had AF in 6 months. My doctor found that my womb lining was extremely thick after doing an ultrasound and she feared there was nothing more she could do to help, so she referred me.

While waiting for a referral, my first line of action was to grab my fertility by the balls and loose some weight. So far I've lost 14kg, and I've had AF every month. Almost all my symptoms have disappeared - acne,  dodgy hairs on my chest, chin and upper lip, eye brows that look like slugs, no periods, fatigue, general shittiness and low self-esteem - except for lack of ovulation.

I don't know what to expect tomorrow.... I don't know of my PCOS is caused by insulin resistance. I hope they will do a test to confirm if I'm insulin resistant. If I am, obviously, I will ask to be put on metformin, considering how much weight I've already lost on my own. A lot of women have ovulated while on met, if that's my situation, I hope to be one of them. I am also hoping they would do a scan to see if my tubes are healthy and unblocked and how much cycts I still have left. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping those little bastards have vacated my ovaries!

Anyway, I pray it goes well. I know the NHS has it's shortcomings, so I'm prepared to take whatever comes my way without getting frustrated. It's about time I had professional attention. I've been battling this on my own for some time now.That loneliness in not understanding what was going on is one of the reasons I started this blog. I need an expert to help me achieve my goals. I'm tired of GP's telling me there's 'nothing they can do' or to 'keep loosing weight'.

We'll see how tomorrow goes. Wish me luck!

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