Tuesday, 25 May 2010

On Track

My appointment today went well, despite the fact that two different guys rooted around in my vagina. The first guy I saw took down my history and did a physical exam and took some cervical swabs. While this was going on me and the nurse were discussing weight loss strategies. Coincidentally she too has PCOS and has been TTC for 8 years (we had a little chat on the side). After he was done, I saw the specialist, who did an intra-vaginal ultrasound. Unfortunately my ovaries are still coated in cysts. I saw them with my own eyes for the first time; both of them! They were beautiful, in a get-the-hell-away-from-there sense.

The specialist was very happy that I'd lost a lot of weight on my own, and I didn't even ask about Met, he prescribed it right away! He also said that my signs are all positive, and that his gut feeling tells him that I may ovulate on my own with continued weight loss. He said I should carry on with that and the Met, and hopefully something positive will happen but if I don't, I should come back again in 6 months (I'm praying I wouldn't have to; kind, sweet & understanding as he was, I'm not looking forward to a second encounter).

Well... so that's that then. I'll keep loosing weight, eating right, exercising, taking Met and keeping my friggin fingers crossed. I also have a scheduled hormone test on the 9th of June. Hoping they're all within range too.

I do wonder though if it is wise to take Metformin while on a Low GI diet. As usual I was too overwhelmed to ask the doctor there and then. Why do I only remember these things when I get home?

The whole point of a low GI diet is to eat foods that do not cause your blood sugar to rise sharply. And the purpose of Met is to make sure your blood sugar doesn't rise sharply... doing both seems like an over kill. I'm thinking, will I have ANY blood sugar at all?

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