Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Oats Got Me!!

I'm sick and tired of eating oats every single day. When I started low carbing, I was all gungho for oats, my freaking taste buds couldn't get enough. I've gradually grown into it, I'm pretty sure if you checked my DNA now you'll find strands of oat RNA lodged somewhere. There's just way too much fibre that I'm shitting twice a day now.

It's Muesli for breakfast, brown basmati rice and veggies for lunch and fruits for dinner or oat cake or oat flapjacks!

Let's look at other alternatives: there's bran, which I hate. Nothing can make bran sexy for me. Ever! You can give it all the plastic surgery in the world and it will still be bran to me. There's rye bread which I tried, but hated. It tasted too yeasty for me, reminded me of one guy that stood behind me while we were queueing up at the bank. His freaking alcoholic breath kept wafting into my nose. And when I moved forward, and away from him, he'd close the gap. People whose breaths reek of alcohol shouldn't be too conscientious about 'closing the gap' whenever they're in a queue. I didn't say anything, I didn't even want to see his face because I know it will be registered in my twisted mind for the rest of his life.

Then there's shredded wheat, which I love and apparently has a GI of 67, what can I do to lower it further? And of course, I hate bread because if I can't have it with jam or honey, I'd rather not have it at all. What else is there that's low carb and doesn't make me seethe with raw anger as I chomp down every bite?

What the heck else is out there, for crying out loud!!

I hate this shit! I'm a free spirited woman, nobody tells me what to eat or when or how or with whom or with what and why. I come and go like the freaking breeze! Low carbing is the only 'diet' I've ever stuck to for this long because it's the only one that's worked so far. Reverting to my previous lifestyle will be like purposely entering an elevator alone with a serial rapist. So I'm not going anywhere, you hear me, you low carb bastard!

Excuse me while I go on a fact finding mission *Off to the library* Got to find me some breakfast alternatives before I stab someone out of frustration. I can imagine the story breaking on BBC and there I am being hauled away screaming, 'It's the oats! The oats got me!!'


  1. I can relate! Breakfast is the hardest meal for me. In my country (Spain) breakfast is usually a sugary, starchy affair (white cofee plus biscuits, croissants, cereal, French bread, muffins, brioche etc.). I usually have a bowl of plain yogurt plus strawberries and a handful of walnuts, which I love, but it's beginning to be boring. :-)

  2. That sounds like the perfect breakfast you got going there Crystal! Eating the same thing daily will get boring after a while, but yoghurt and berries sounds like a refreshing change for me, :) I decided to give it a try, and I loved it! I didn't think I could be sustained by fruits in the morning, but now, I can and it's not a problem at all. Maybe you can give oats a try too, :)

  3. Oh, I love oats! Unfortunately oats doesn't love me. :-)

    I'll probably try to bake this:

    or this:

    for a different breakfast.

    Unless my beta is positive tomorrow, of course --in that case flax will be a no-no. Wish me good luck!

  4. Eeeks! Sorry about that, ;) I guess I should stop whining now. I've never had any problems with food.

    Those crackers look yummy, and thank you SO MUCH for sharing that site with me! I've been trying to find healthy snacks to nibble on. They do sell a few in the supermarkets, but I know it will be ridiculously cheaper if I can make them myself, not to mention healthier. I will definitely be giving some recipes a try.

    Good luck tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping it's good news, :)

  5. Well, the beta was negative. So.. Flax focaccia, here I go! :-)

  6. Yey! Woot! Woot!!! Enjoy, :)

  7. Nan, I would like to ask...what other healthy alternatives are out there cos for breakfast and due to the nature of my job, all i seem to eat aare: yam and fried eggs or with fish stew, pancakes and scrambled eggs, beans and dodo, boiled plantain with efo riro, bread and beans or with eggs,

  8. Hi Jan, welcome to my humble blog, :)

    Those are actually healthy breakfast choices you've got going there! So carry on eating them. Yam is very high in complex carbohydrates so it's filling and releases energy slowly during the day. The only thing I would say is to watch the oil used in the eggs, fish stew, beans & efo riro. And also opting for more boiled unripe plantain instead of fried plantain. Plantain is healthiest when it's still green, as they ripen, more of it's complex carbs is converted to sugar.

    Other healthy breakfast alternatives are quaker oates, moi-moi and eko, boiled broken wheat or millet, boiled barley. You can have these with honey instead of sugar. Pap is healthy too.

    Hope that helps, :)

  9. Glad to know i'm on the right healthy track. Where exactly do you stay in England? I'll be in Leicester as from 30th of July till 8th of August so I can pop in to see you. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I'm based in London, Jan. Hmm... Liecester is just 2 hrs away! We will definitely meet up, God willing. Maybe catch a movie or check out the sights. Hope to see you soon, :)