Sunday, 7 November 2010

HSG Appointment

My HSG is in about 17 hours. I'm not sure how to prepare. Aside from taking pain killers an hour or so before the procedure, maybe I should give the 'ol hedge a trim, hehehe...

Have you ever looked forward to something not because you are going to enjoy it but because you dread it and perceive it as a necessary evil that may help you get from Point A to Point B? Well, that's exactly how I feel right now.

I thought about driving but I probably shouldn't. I'm not sure how I'll feel afterwards and if I'll be able to drive back home so I'll just take the bus. Thankfully the hospital is about 10 minutes away and the bus stops are just a few yards from my house and the hospital both ways. No long trek for me. If I really can't walk, I'll just call a cab. Unfortunately Dh is away again *sigh*

I'm PRAYING it is good news, I know I've ranted about how I suspect both or one of my tubes may be blocked. At the same time I'm hoping deep down that they're not.

Hopefully I'll have the strength to update afterwards.



  1. My HSG wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I took a muscle relaxer beforehand, I later had a Saline Ultrasound which was similar and only took some pain killers and it was pretty painful.
    The good thing is its over pretty quick but you will have heavy cramps for awhile after, you should probably bring a pad cause you will leak. After I was done I went home and went to lie down and felt better.

    I have a vaginal ultrasound tomorrow and I'm debating on shaving the bush a bit, but I may not, I didnt last time and it was just fine :P

    I'm really nervous because my egg retrieval is next week and I have the option of paying the anesthsiologist 580 bucks or trying to just take pain killers and valium and deal with it. I'm still torn if I should or not, its a lot of money. Keep me posted.

    Love, Pumpkin.

  2. Hi Pumpkin, my HSG stung like HELL!!! I almost tried to get up and run out of there, and I would have if I wasn't half naked. I screamed for mercy. Maybe its because my tubes were blocked, but it was the most painful 30 seconds of my life. All that crap about relaxing and taking deep breaths didn't do squat for me. I was so angry I felt like punching someone afterwards.

    I'm glad yours didn't hurt as much. Honestly, considering everything you'll be going through I'd hate it if you had a miserable experience the first time around. But if the muscle relaxer worked the first time, it should do the trick again. Being on the broke side of the fence myself, I know how hard it is forking out that extra bit of cash especially if one can get by without it. But really do the research to find out what the pros and cons are. If it'll improve your results then it may well be worth it.

    Don't touch the bush, lol... let 'em have eyefulls of it, hahaha... serves them right, :)

    I know it's hard, but please try to relax sweets, think positive happy eggy thoughts, :) and keep me posted too, :) The depression hasn't sunk yet for me yet, once I wake up tomorrow and realize my tubes are blocked and another obstacle has been placed in my path THEN I'll start feeling like shyte.

  3. Sorry the HSG was awful for ya. What can they do if there is blockage, do you need to do IVF? I had my ultrasound today, 25 follicles so I'm definitely doing the anesthesia, theres just too many not to. My egg retrieval should be Thursday (my birthday) and I'm so scared/excited! You're always in my thoughts!

    Love, pumpkin.

  4. I'm not sure what the next move is until our next appointment with the specialist in January. In the meantime I'll try to research natural ways of unblocking the tubes in addition to stepping up my castor oil therapy. I just find it hard to sit around doing nothing between now and then.

    Yey! Lots of follicles is a good thing right? You're always in my thoughts too Pumpkin... Oof ooof oooof, blowing lots of positive baby thoughts your way, :)