Monday, 1 November 2010

16 Dpo, still no AF

I've been having AF like cramps since last friday. Yesterday I even wore a pad all day because I was so sure the witch was going to show but she never did. Other than that I don't feel any different. My bbs are swollen and sore but nothing out of the usual PMS soreness - only the sides next to my armpit are painful. Nipps still a bit tender. Last night I had a tummy ache but in my lower abdomen. Other than those, I've got no other symptom of anything being out of the ordinary.

I keep checking down there every hour expecting to see the usual brown CM that leads to a full fledged AF, but nothing. Sometimes it's completely dry, other times it's creamy and it also gets watery too. I swear my eyes can now differentiate between a dozen different shades of creamy CM. I noticed some slightly yellow stuff earlier though, which has turned my skepticism up two more notches.

And NO, I haven't tested yet. I promised msyelf not to waste money and I'm going to stick to that promise. I REALLY want to find out, but I don't want the dissapointment of finding out. I'm chicken like that.

I just can't believe if it's finally happening or if it will all be snatched away when AF shows. If that happens at least I can tell myself, that I wasn't too excited I went and wasted money and not feel so stupid. But if she definitely doesn't show tomorrow, I'll go out and buy a test and put myself out of my misery once and for all. (Yeah right, just like I said I would test if AF didn't show up on the 30th. Proof you can't trust a woman that's TTC, lol)


Well, what do you know? As soon as I finished writing this I went to wee and what did I see? I just knew it was too good to be true. I pee-ed on a couple of OPK's which I had lying around and they all came back negative, I'm definitely not going to waste my money now. *sigh*

I was really hoping this would be my month. The battle continues!

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