Thursday, 11 November 2010

HSG Disappointment

I had my HSG done - it's the worst pain I've ever felt in my entire life!

I should have known right from the beginning when the nurse stood beside me and told me to relax and breathe. She gave me that look... you know, the look you'd give a dog that was about to be put down. She might as well have said, 'It will sting like hell, so brace your self, fool.'

It started out like a typical pap smear. Except I was glad I didn't have to put my feet up on those 'women shaming' stirrups. When the dye was being pumped in that's when the shit hit the ceiling. The radiologist and the doctor had to stand back because the X-ray machine was on, so it was just me lying there screaming like they'd just shoved hot coal up my vag while there were looking on from a distance telling me to breathe and it will all be over in a minute.

Mehn! What pain... I'm still cringing from it... fuckety fuck!

It only lasted for about 30 seconds. But the intensity doubled every second as my womb filled up with the die. And when I couldn't take the pain any more, just when I thought I might get up and run out of there it suddenly stopped. It was over, no more pain and no cramping after that only some mild bleeding and the rest of the dye leeching through. I was completely fine, I might as well have had to run a marathon afterwards and it would have been fine by me.

I can tell you for me, personally, it was absolutely nothing like a period cramp! I'd take ten period cramps any day over a HSG.

The doctor was very vague about the results. I think he was just being diplomatic, lest I decide to jump in the path of an oncoming train because he declared my tubes were blocked. I guess he didn't want blood on his hands. He said it looked like the dye didn't go through completely, but that he really can't say much and he would prefer if I discussed the results with my specialist who will give me more detailed explanation of what just went down.

I've been depressed because I was hoping I was wrong even though I'd been suspecting that they may be blocked. Speaking with my mum really helped, and Pumpkin, thanks dear, it was nice coming home that day and reading your comment and venting, :) It was so shitty coming to a cold empty house with no Dh to comfort me. I'm sick of his work that requires him to travel all the time... another thing I pray changes this coming year.

I just know I will hold my baby in my arms someday. This is just another obstacle I have to scale. If I can beat PCOS and start ovulating on my own, surely I can beat this too!


  1. Wouldn't it be nice if...?

    'Interestingly, studies have shown that women have a higher rate of a natural pregnancy occurring after having a hysterosalpingogram. It is thought that the dye may help to resolve a partial blockage or to flush out some debris in the fallopian tubes that had been hindering conception. Although an HSG may be helpful for those people trying to conceive, it is important to remember that it is first and foremost a diagnostic test, not an infertility treatment.'

    'Does having a dye test improve the chance for getting pregnant?
    Pregnancy rates in several studies have been reported to be very slightly increased in the first months following a hysterosalpingogram. This could be to the flushing of the tubes opening a minor blockage or cleaning out some debris that was preventing the couple from conceiving.'

    'A hysterosalpingogram is done mainly for women who are having a hard time becoming pregnant. Some studies show that this test may help a woman's chance of becoming pregnant because the dye may remove mucus plugs, straighten the fallopian tubes, and break through thin scar tissue.'

  2. Thanks for the info Lady Alicia.

  3. Just in case you don't return to my page and since I couldn't find a link to contact you; The pattern is called Easy Baby Layette Pattern. The link for more information is The pattern comes with 14 differnt patterns. It's a great package. Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it.

  4. Thank you Kelepso, :) And I was definitely going to pop back on your blog. Much thanks for the link, I'm going there right now.

  5. Yikes lady! Sounds awful. The muscle relaxer really helped with mine. Although I'm sure I wasn't supposed to take it, I got it from someone haha. Shhh. The Saline ultrasound was awful tho, didn't have one then and I'm soooooo glad I got anesthesia for the egg retrieval. All this pain and trouble when other women just get to have sex! Not romantic and glamorous at all. I only hope our kids will appreciate what we've gone through to bring them into this world but we will probably hear "You don't love me! you didn't really want me!". I'm always here for venting, I've had my share of those moments lately. Tomorrow is my Embryo Transfer, looks like we might have some that made it, was looking bleak there for a bit. *crossing fingers*

    Love, Pumpkin

  6. I hear ya. I had a second one done a couple months ago and was doing my heavy yoga breathing to try to deal with the pain... I sounded like Darth Vader. LOL. But yeah, once it was done it was done. Best of luck on this difficult journey :)

  7. @ Pumpkin, I always think that too, it does seem unfair doesn't it? I hope our kids appreciate what we went through to have them. Don't worry too much and don't stress, whatever is meant to be yours NOBODY can take away from you.

    @ Writer, lol... I totally get what you mean, :) I suspect I might have to go through a second one in a couple of months. Not looking forward to it, but, if it will lead to getting preggy I'll just have to suck it up. Thanks for swinging by, :)

  8. I just had my HSG yesterday, and I was terrified from reading people's stories on the internet, but it wasn't bad. There was some discomfort, and and one point I did have to take deep breaths and grit my teeth, but that was only because the catheter had to be re-inserted into my cervix three times because it kept pushing out, and my cervix was starting to get irritated. My uterus is bent about 90 degrees, so that's probably what caused the problem. I took two advil and one Midol extended relief about an hour before the procedure. I had a little cramping after I came home, but two more advil solved the problem. My doctor and nurse were very kind and frequently asked me how I was doing. It's really nothing to get very worried about; just relax.