Saturday, 14 May 2011


Finally gave in yesterday and bought a cheapie pregnancy test at the pound shop. I can't believe we're finally pregnant. I'm still in shock!

Luckily I got an early appointment tomorrow to see the GP. Need to rule out ectopic pregnancy because I ovulated from the side with the blocked tube and I've been having some pain on that side off and on for a few days now. I'm happy but I can't be too excited because of the looming possibility it could be an ectopic. That would just break my heart.

I'll update on how it goes tomorrow. Please pray for me.


So, I had a scan this morning and the doctor said it's too early to say if it is ectopic. She did confirm that there is a 'sac' although it's too early to tell if there's a baby developing in it. When I suggested that maybe the pain was being caused by cysts, she said my ovaries looked clear and she couldn't see any cysts on them (strange).

I'm trying not to focus too much on the pain. I assume if its ectopic the pain should get progressively worse as the sac grows bigger, but this particular pain I feel has been pretty consistent since the day I ovulated. I also had it last month all through from ovultion to AF. The doctor said I should get booked in for another scan in 10 days for a definite confirmation, but, if I feel any pain before then I should take some paracetamol and if it gets worse, check myself into A&E immediately. I'm praying I wouldn't need to. I'm also praying there's a baby growing in there in the right place.

I'm so glad the doctor that did the scan was female.

So far no other symptoms apart from my usual PMS ones. I'm a bit worried I'm not getting more symptoms as you would expect when you're pregnant. As a matter of fact I feel great and strangely energetic. I need to stop worrying, whatever will be will be. Allah made me conceive on the tube that was blocked. Why am I worrying myself to death about what will happen next?

There's an ancient Yoruba proverb that literally translates to: Whoever does not have a child will be killed by a child. Whoever has a child will also be killed by a child.

It means when you don't have children the yearning/longing/desire to have one will weigh so heavily on your mind that it becomes a problem for you and conversely when you do have children, you worry so much about them that, again, it becomes a problem for you.


For some reason I can't open my main blog page but thank you  for your comment MFM; Jazakallah, honestly it really made my day sis, :) And thanks for 'coming out of the closet' as it were, lol... I'm glad to know you follow my blog. I appreciate the dua, may Allah bless us with what is good for us in this Dunya and in the Aakhirah, Amin. I'm trying to relax, hehe...


  1. Ohhhh yeeeees! MashaAllah sister I am delighted for you! I will make dua inshaAllah that your pregnancy is an easy success for you. If anyone desreves this, it is you :-) Just try to relax and think happy sweet thought :-) xxx

    p.s. I have been following your blog for some time now, great great news! SubhanAllah!

  2. [I have been trying to comment FOREVER and Blogger was doing funny things. Sigh.]

    Congratulations! I'm very happy for you! And guess what --I'm pregnant too. Twenty-two weeks today!

    Isn't life wonderful?

  3. *Finally I can comment* I know Blogger has been acting up lately, sometimes even I can't post comments on my blog.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (though many weeks late) I suspected you were preggers already, but there was no way of reaching you. Life IS wonderful, and we've both come a long way. I'm so excited for you too!! I bet your lovely bump is already showing, all I have is a bloated tummy, hehe... I can't wait to get to 22weeks, I can't wait to cross the 12week mark 'cause I'm completely useless.