Thursday, 12 May 2011

IUI Update & Suspected BFP!

I finally got a call yesterday from the nurse booking me in for the information session in 2 weeks time. It was such a relief when she called that I was too numb to exude excitement. She had that expectation in her voice, you know, the same kind you have when you've just given someone a birthday present. Aaaaanywho, Dh and I were excited. It was good news.


Another thing I wasn't expecting was to not see AF. She was due the from the 9th onwards. Strangely I've been having AF-like cramps off and on for the past 3 days. On Tuesday, I went to the toilet and wiped and there was some brown stuff on there. I was so convinced she would show up since then, but the coloured CM went away and now it's as dry as the sahara desert down there. Which is typical around this time anyway.

I don't have any other symptoms other than my usual PMS symptoms.

I pee-ed on an OPK this morning - actually, 3 OPKs to be precise - and they all came back with test lines much darker than the control line. I know OPKs aren't good at detecting pregnancy but that's all I can do for now. I'm not going to waste £5 on a pregnancy test only for it to turn out negative (wasted too much  money in the past)  so I'just wait till next week Tuesday. I have an appointment to try and convince my GP to issue a new prescription of Metformin even though he told me to come off it last year when I was reacting very badly.

Either ways, I'm looking forward to our information session so we can get a move on IUI and see where we end up. I'm so glad we're finally 'starting' something instead of just sitting around twiddling our thumbs, lol...

Please keep me in your prayers. I pray God blesses you and answers yours too (Amen).

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