Monday, 17 October 2011

Sewing for Bob

Sorry if this blog is more about impending childbirth than the trials and tribulations of PCOS. I know reading all this is extremely un-interesting when you're not in the pregnancy phase yet. In the past I've unsubsribed from a few PCOS blogs after the Cysters got pregnant and were gushing on about it. I was happy for them and all but it was supremely boring to me. I'll try and put up PCOS stuff from time to time, when I come across something interesting, otherwise yakking on about pregnancy is just how the cookie is crumbling at the moment.


Being a seamstress/designer can come in pretty handy when you're having a baby as I've come to learn. Sure there are some things you can buy cheaply that aren't worth spending hours working on like onesies and such (unless you want to customize it specifically for your baby or recycle some old stuff rather than chucking them away). But at the end of the day it's a labour of love. You're not making it because you can't afford to buy it, but because you are making it for your own little one. On the other hand, there are some things that are not really worth buying especially if you can make your own. Like nursing and maternity clothes, for instance, which you only wear for a few months. It's easier to knock something up in a few hours or nip and tuck your old clothes, saving a fortune.

Being a generally hands on, self-sufficient person - if not that we live in the city I'd be growing our food, raising our livestock and spinning our yarn, lol - I prefer to make things rather than buy. When it comes to DIY around the house, I'm the one that fixes things up while Dh, the total opposite to me, just stands there looking befuddled. I can easily change fuses, light bulbs, and knock things around without breaking a sweat. Heck it was even me that set up our digital TV when we decided to stop paying for cable. It's odd that he is a computer techie but totally useless with little things around the house.

On a side rant, he really annoys me when he wastes half a bottle of washing up liquid whenever he does the dishes. I stand there leering at him as he pours it on the sponge and proceeds to wash dirty dishes under a running tap. I tried rationing but that didn't work. Now, I'm not known to be a nag, but I've had to do it to get him to realize the folly of his ways; wasting washing up liquid (money) and wasting water (money). Thankfully he is well adjusted now.

As I was saying, when it comes to Bob, birthing and nursing, there are a few things I figure I could knock up that would save us some cash. Doing my research on what I'll be needing vis-a-vis what can be made and what can be bought has saved me rushing out to scratch the proverbial shopping itch (not that I have any these days). When I do get an itch to shop it's more for fabrics than anything else. I'm a fabric whore!

So, I've made a list. I already have the materials for making most of them lying around. My hope is to cross out each item in the coming weeks.I'll mostly be using modified patterns from free online tutorials. There's so much one can do if one had the time and the skills. I may add a few more things if the need arises.

For Bob:

- Diaper bag
- Diaper changing mat
- Burp cloths
- Nursing covers
- Blanket
- Towel
- Diaper roll

For Me:

- 2 Front opening night dresses for labour (I'm eyeing a bed sheet for this)
- Nursing pads (loads of pure linen pieces lying around)
- Dressing gown (with a hood)
- Winter maternity/nursing dresses

For now it's just basic baby stuff. I think making clothes for Bob will be better appreciated when he's much bigger.

I'm so excited, I just need to get one final order out of the way for a client over the next couple of days then I can stop sewing for other people and focus on me and Bob for the next coming weeks. Yey!


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