Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I made a maternity dress for myself yesterday which I wore to my hospital appointment today. Loved it! Just a simple jersey jumper dress with a sash on the empire line that accentuated my bump in a really cute way that made people give up their seats for me on the train. Ha! I don't usually like what I make for myself, thank God the hormones have changed that for me. I could have happily strutted down a runway in it. The best part is it only took me a few hours to put together and in terms of materians alone cost me roughly £4. Considering how stupidly expensive maternity dresses are - I'm talking about a full length maxi dress here - I can't wait to make more of 'em. I just might put up some pictures of me wearing them (if the spirit moves me that is. I'm not making any concrete promises).

The doctor said everything was okay, except my iron levels for which she prescribed iron tablets. My Glucose Tolerance Test was last week. I lied about eating 12 hours prior to the blood test when in fact it was just 11 hours because my butt was already feeling numb and I didn't want to sit there for 3 agonizingly boring hours. Still turned out fine. Phew! No Metformin for me then. Alhamdulillah.

It seems for the first time my body is working the way it should. I haven't been over-indulging, but I certainly have been eating things that I had sworn off pre-Bob; things like cakes, juices, biscuits, crisps, white rice, potatoes, etc. Still I've been able to restrain myself. Even my weight gain is mostly on my tummy, for now anyway, which is also good. I was starting to get worried though I'm not obsessing over it.


I got my first real kick from Bob today. All the previous ones seem like practice kicks in comparison. I'm talking a proper kick here, akin to being punched in the gut. The kind of kick that made me go wtf! under my breath and briefly stop whatever I was doing. I got it just below the ribs, which is what I've been praying for so it's all good.

His head has been nuzzled in my bladder since week 14. Even before I started feeling the kicks, I could feel something digging into and bouncing off my bladder (if that makes any sense). He changed positions to sideways briefly but now he's back there again. I hope he stays that way till birth.

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