Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Ideal Birth

Every expectant mother has an idea of how she wants her birth to go. In preparation for natural birth, which is what I'm really hoping and praying for, I've been learning to embrace pain. Rather than tensing up when I feel pain, I'm learning to relax my whole body and embrace it's temporal nature.

I believe in the 'women have been doing it naturally for centuries' school of though, and that no matter how bad it is, you'll always want to do it all over again once you're done. For me labour should not be a clinical experience, like having your tooth pulled out. It's a natural process one the female body has been created for. So I'm not preparing for the worst pain in my life but for the most enjoyable euphoric moment in my life. Through positive reinforcements I hope to manage the pain. I'm trying not to even think of it as pain, but as  discomfort.

I came across this video of a French woman giving birth. What struck me is how contrary it is to what we normally associate with child birth nowadays; woman screaming, people running helter-skelter around her. I know not every birth is the same and not every woman is the same, but still, I think her own experience epitomizes what I would like my ideal childbirth to be as far as a normal, uncomplicated birth is concerned. She's so relaxed through the entire process and the pure joy on her face when she holds baby in her arms is beyond words can describe.

Enjoy, if you are a sucker for babies being born....

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