Thursday, 10 November 2011

Winter Flu Vaccine

Whenever September rolls around the NHS starts urging people to get their flu jab. Old people, pregnant women, people with conditions like heart problems, asthma and diabetes, etc,. I received my letter in the post last month. Before then I'd  asked the GP what her opinion was; she said that if one is healthy even in pregnancy, with no known complications, her own personal opinion is that it's unnecessary. 

Even before asking I'd already made up my mind that I wasn't going to subject myself to the vaccine. 

Today at the pharmacy, when I went to collect my iron tabs, the pharmacist was trying to 'guilt' me into getting the shot. He told me he had 20 pregnant women in his pharmacy a few days ago and was out of supply at the moment if not he would have given it to me. Fat chance of that! Why do they always assume everyone is game for everything they are offering? He made me sit down and read the leaflet about the safety and importance of the flu shot for pregnant women (as if I hadn't already done my own research, as if I would knowingly put my baby in danger). I sat down and read it out of politeness and then politely told him I'd think about it. 

I'm not getting the flu shot and that's that. I'm not too keen on the Vitamin K shots they give new born babies either. It's administered to babies here. Though optional, I haven't heard of it being done in other parts of the world where I know tonnes of people that have had babies there who've all turned out okay without it. 


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