Sunday, 18 July 2010

5dpo... reeling out the symptoms.

I'm only writing this for the sake of the future so I'll know how I felt during this particular lp. I only have a couple of symptoms so far. The butt pain is not as frequent and persistent as it has been the last few days. It's been coming and going since I woke this morning, lasting only a few seconds and it didn't bother me at all during the night unlike previously when it woke me up a couple of times. I love my sleep, and for something to wake me up, well, I wasn't happy about it!

The twinges are also not as palpable, but I still feel like someone inflated a little balloon and placed it in my lower abdomen. I feel like my belt is too tight when it's where it's always been. General feeling of discomfort down there with an occasional dull aching.

I don't have any cravings or food aversions, though I could very well manufacture them if I wanted to. I've gone through some websites like TwoWeekWait and some of the symptoms are just dodgy. How can you get symptoms when the potential baby is still a bunch of undifferentiated cells clustered together?

Yes, I know I'm a huge critic and the rational part of my brain overrides the emotional part sometimes. I'm just wondering because I know when I'm feeling something and when I want to feel something. I prefer to err on the side of scepticism.

All my symptoms could mean nothing. Dh travels a lot and whenever he's gone for months and we bd I always get dodgy pains afterwards - different kinds of dodgy pains I must say. I wish I had documented last months lp when we hadn't bd so I would know exactly how my normal lp's felt so as to have some kind of yardstick.

Still, the waiting continues!


  1. Ok, good you are having some symptoms! :) I hope that you get many more preggo symptoms. I always felt like I made stuff up, lol. Good to hear the butt pain has subsided. The joys of being a woman...yeah right! :P

  2. lol, yeah, I hope so too, :) I don't mind the discomfort as long as it ends with a bfp. I'm just moaning 'cuz I'd rather be in denial and get a bfp than be hopeful and have it crushed with a bfn. Allah is in control. Whatever has been written for me will come to pass, :)