Monday, 26 July 2010

Lessons To Learn From This Cycle

* NEVER throw the rational part of your brain out the window at any point during your ttc journey

* No matter how pregnant you 'feel' you are, you either are or aren't

* No amount of obsessing will change that fact

* Stop wasting money on hpt's!

* Save yourself the stress and wait it out

* Listen to your hubby when he says 'wait it out', you'll thank him later for it

* Stop torturing yourself by reading up other people's daily dpo symptoms

* No two women are the same, so, comparing yourself to other people is a waste of time

* Stop dwelling on your own dpo symptoms.

* Stop dwelling altogether! Peeling up your blouse every other hour to look at your bbs will not make you feel better

* Paying extremely close attention to your body will make swear you can 'hear' your food being digested

* Sometimes you don't know your body as well as you think you do

* No two cycles are the same, just because you are having different symptoms in this one does not mean that you are pregnant

* TTC forums do more harm than good

* Again, never forget the golden rule; you either are or you aren't and the most sure-fire way to know that is to wait until AFTER af to test.

Finally, when things don't turn out the way you wanted, thank your Creator, learn from the experience, pick yourself up and move onto what you can do to improve your chances in the next cycle.

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