Friday, 2 July 2010

OV Charting 1

I've started ov charting so I can see the progression of things this month. Usually I preferred the don't-ask-don't-tell policy. But now I want to know every single thing that goes down. I'll try and do it at the same time everyday and see how it goes.

2nd July 2010

Gotta keep an eye on this baby so when I do get a LH surge (fingers crossed) I won't think I'm crazy.

For my charting I'm using a opk and also checking my cm.

I'm not sure about temping though. My sleep cycles are erratic, even though I'm trying to even them out. Since I work from home I pretty much work at night and sleep during the day. Which is not good because I don't think I'm getting enough sun light and the unpredictability of sleeping times may have a negative effect on my hormones. But I have to say, I've been finding it hard to regulate myself. I'm naturally a night person... all I do is make sure I get a solid 8 hours of sleep regardless of when I sleep, so I pray that helps.

We definitely want to ov this month! Even though Dh is not back yet... gonna rant about in my next post.


  1. Nan, I'm in day 10 of my theoretically 35-day-long cycle, which means we're more or less synchronised. [I have only had two ovulatory cycles after a number of years in the PCOS wilderness, and my ovulation went from day 28 in cycle 1 to day 21 in cycle 2, which means that my cycle length could vary again. Have a look at] This makes it even more exciting -we could share notes, so to speak.

    I also work from home (more coincidences) and consider myself a night person too: my concentration levels are excellent from 7 in the evening onwards. However, my husband comes home from work at around that time, so I *try* to work during the day so that we can share some quality time together in the evening.

    I encourage you to temp. If you get X hours of sleep on a regular basis, your readings should be accurate. And temping is fun. And free. :-) Give it a try!

  2. Hi Crystal, what lovely coincidences! We can be cycle buddies. So exciting, :)

    I saw your chart. Its great that your last OV was on day 21, that's more 'normal' because it gives you a Leutal Phase of 14 days which is exactly what you want. I suspect you might OV around the same time this cycle 'cuz it seems your body is trying to regulate itself. I'm so glad you're ov'ing on a 35 day cycle... it gives me hope, :)

    I've only had one ov (last month) since being diagnosed with PCOS. Hoping to have many more.

    Do you have any problems with CM, if so how do you deal with it? I don't seem to be producing that much and it worries me. I barely noticed it last month around when I OV'd. I asked the gynea if it was possible to conceive without having EWCM, he said it's not impossible but that the chances are REALLY low.

    Oh, and I know what you mean about 'trying' to work during the day. I try to catch some sleep when he's out in the morning so by the time he gets back I'm technically just starting my day.

    And I’ve started temping. Took your advice. Let’s see how it goes,:)

  3. Funny that you mention it, Nan... Actually, I think I *have* problems with CM.

    I hadn't given it much thought up to now, since my main goal was ovulating (of course) (cycle 1, check) and having a good luteal phase (cycle 2, check). Now I'm in cycle 3 and yes, I have started monitoring my CM more closely. I looked on-line for photos of CM, as I seem to have difficulty distinguishing some of the textures, and was left a bit worried -I don't think I'm producing as much CM as in the pictures, although I do produce more CM than I did in my old anovulatory cycles (or rather non-cycles).

    I am definitely well hydrated, and the idea of taking robitussin isn't too appealing. I *might* consider PreSeed, but the thought of adding yet another 'artificial' element to our love life puts me off. It's stressful enough as it is.

    Mmm. I'll have to explore this topic a little further.

  4. Good thing I mentioned it then, so you have all the bases covered! I understand what you mean about artificial things. I never had problems with CM before the onset of PCOS. I used to get it abundantly during my ovulation, so much so that I needed to wear panty liners. But now that I actually need it badly the slippery sucker has disappeared.

    Anyway, we use egg whites, it's a natural alternative you might want to consider. You can research it's pro's and con's in your exploration.

    It equally does the job of ewcm, but I want to try something different so I'm giving Guaifenesin a try this time, it's the active ingredient in robitussin. I discovered it cheaply in the local supermarket brand's cough mixture. Heard a lot of good reviews about PreSeed, but, I can't afford it at the moment so trying other things...