Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I actually feel better this evening, almost all my symptoms have disappeared, just like that. I feel a bit better. 

I had a niggling feeling it was all too good to be true. Maybe something is 'trying' to happen but my body hasn't fully healed to carry it through. I don't feel any better emotionally anyway. The whole thing sucks!! I'm going to bed.


  1. Awww Nan, I am sorry. I hope this is your month inshAlah! Its so easy to get carried away with this. It's too early to tell, only time will tell. I do hope this is your month inshAllah! I will keep you in my duas.

  2. Thanks so much sis, :) I hope so too and may Allah accept all your dua (Amin). I'm hanging on, hoping and praying and trying not to obsess.