Sunday, 27 June 2010

And The Best Period Goes To.....

I must confess, if I were handing out the Aunty Flo equivalent of the Oscars, it'll have to go to this one. This is by far the best period I've had in ages!! There is no quantifying how gratifying it feels to have a semblance of normalcy, and to know that all your hard work - all your exercise, watching what you eat, pill popping and guzzling down puke inducing concoctions - is finally paying off.

If you happen to be reading this and you have pcos or other girly problems, trust me when I say every little change you make pays off. It might seem insignificant at first, and you may go a while without seeing anything. But trust me, there IS something being 'changed'. I began my journey last December. I hadn't had a period in 3 months before I was diagnosed in January. I started trying to loose weight officially in February and here I am, 4 months later having a blissful period.

For the first time in years I don't have to go through two packs of pads! I can actually count the number of pads I've used so far on one hand. And this one doesn't seem to be malingering like my previous periods. I'm in day 3 and I've already stopped bleeding, just spotting. Unlike previously when it's always gushing around the third day. Also no cramps! Absolutely none whatsoever. No more doubling over because of crappy contractions.

Last but not least, and this is the part that I used to hate most: no more passing blood clots. I'm not talking of tiny chunks of blood, I'm talking mega clots. I used to actually feel those monstrosities making their way out of my cervics, down my vag and 'pop'... I would have to rush to toilet and gently let them out otherwise they tend not to get soaked up, instead they roll around when I walk and then make their evil way out and soil me for the whole world to see!

I'm probably the happiest woman on her period right now... I mean, I was happy when I finally had my period after many months... but now, I'm happy because they're normal. And I really should stop complaining about it being late because ever since I've had periods they always come two to three days later the following month. I guess a 36day cycle is what's 'normal' for me. *sigh*

Big BIG Woot for me! Huge pat on the back! You go girl! More fat to your boobies! Etc... etc....etc.... now I'm off to force down some broccoli/cauliflower/cabbage/ginger concoction. Yuck! But I seem to be acquiring a taste for it... except for the farts though. OMG! Ordinarily I can stand my own farts to an extent, but Almighty Lord of all things Green and Holy! These bad boys are so potent I want to get the hell away from me.

Can't over do it though as I've read cruciferous plants are also goitergenic. Sheesh! Even the good stuff can be bad for you too... I sometimes wonder if it's better not to know, I mean would one be better off floundering in ignorance?


  1. What is the cabbage diet?

  2. Yeah, I tagged cabbage diet... Some people do the cabbage soup diet but cooking crucifers kills of the 'good stuff'. It's best eaten raw to get the full benefits of it, and I can't think of a better way than juicing.