Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Still Waiting And Other Changes

I'm still waiting for Aunty Flo to show up. I am a little disappointed that I didn't get it sooner because I hoped that my periods were regulating and getting shorter. It's been progressively getting shorter over the last three months anyway - 12 - 17- 19- next one was supposed to have been yesterday 21 or at least 19th, but no show. I'm still waiting.

Meanwhile I'm down with the flu. When my nose started running some days back and I started sneezing all over the place I thought for a second that I was having allergies... though I normally don't, but things have been all weird lately one doesn't know what to expect. I hope I get better by the end of today. I also hope I get my darn period too... the suspense is killing me!


Okay, in researching the possible causes for my PMS, I've been looking into how the chemicals in common household products can leech into our body and cause hormonal imbalance. These substances, also known as xenoestrogens, have been known to cause disruptions in our endocrine system. They are present in practically everything, food plastics, skin care products, detergents, canned foods, preserved foods, rugs and clothing. 

Needless to say I didn't like what I read. So I've been making some changes to reduce the amount of chemical pollutants in my life. Here are some of them.

- I've stopped buying canned foods and pre-cooked foods that are packaged in plastics. The tins are often lined with plastics a lot of which contain bisphenol A, similarly plastic containers, plastic bottles, food wrappers - practically anything that's made from plastic is bound to contain this chemical which has been scientifically proven to be an endocrine disruptor. I wish I could get my milk in bottles too, but those are very hard to come by. 

- I plan to discontinue using skin care products that contain endocrine disruptors. Again after scrutinizing all my facial cleansers, lotions, creams, hand wash, etc., I didn't like what I saw. It's tricky trying to find less chemicalized and cheaper alternatives because I can't fork out the cash for organic skin care products. For me they are not a necessity, unlike food, which I don't mind forking out the extra pennies for. But, I'm sure I'll figure something out. I'm already thinking of baby products. They are not as harsh as the adult ones which frankly, contain a lot of crap!

- I have suspended the use of my microwave oven. No particular reason for this. I just want to eat as close to nature as I can. So I only cook what I need to eat. Even when you think you're eating healthy the convenience of popping things in the oven makes mistakes easier. I must admit, I thought it would be difficult. Resisting the temptation to pop my oatmeal into the oven for three minutes instead of spending five minutes cooking it. It's not that bad really and I CAN actually live without it. 

- I plan to have at least one raw food meal daily and two days of pure raw food diet per week. This is in addition to guzzling several cups of green tea every day. I was never really a fan of detox because I thought it was ridiculous the idea that you can eat all the crap you want then drink juice for one week and somehow reverse all the effects of gluttony. Of course I was looking at it from a simplistic perspective. Even if you're the most conscientious dieter, these chemicals can still find their evil ways into your system. I think a diet rich in micro-nutrients will help the body along in purging it of filth.

Being the scientist that I am, the plan here is to significantly reduce my exposure to these chemicals - in terms of foods I ingest and products I apply to my skin - to see if there'll be any changes to the severity of my PMS.


Well, that's that for now. I'm looking forward to Aunty Flo and recovering from this flu so I can get back to work. When you work for yourself you can't afford to take too many liberties. 

PS. If my period is delayed it'll be because of Metformin... then I'll start seriously considering if I should start considering stopping it and trying to conceive naturally... at least for the next three months... give my body time to heal itself before I start pumping it with drugs!

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