Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Feeling Shitty!

I've been feeling shitty lately. I occasionally wake up with headaches, which aren't serious enough to warrant paracetamol, but for the past three days it's been noticeable - banging away on my head. This morning I had to drink a cup of tea to perk me up because I couldn't muster the energy to work. Normally I don't take anything with caffeine.

I also feel sleepy during the day and hardly want to sleep at night. I can't concentrate for long and my depression is back. I was depressed all day today. For no particular reason, just out of the blue, smack! I start feeling like shit.

Could I be suffering from low blood sugar?

I don't have an appetite since I started taking met. I started craving sweet things, but other than that, I don't generally feel like eating. I have to force myself to eat, and I only eat when I remember that I haven't eaten, not because I'm hungry.

I'm seriously considering going off met for a while and see how my body reacts.

I was already on a low-GI diet before I started taking met. I was also loosing weight steadily. Now that I'm on met, I'm putting on weight and feeling like shit that has been left to dry in the sun.

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