Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The PMS Factor

I started having PMS symptoms this morning. As always it starts with a mild pain on the right sides of my boobies. They get progressively worse over the next five days and just when I think I'll poke my boobies with a skewer and let out all the air because the pain is driving me crazy, AF comes by.

I never used to have PMS. As a matter of fact, about when I started having PMS was when my hormonal shenanigans started. The first time ever I had PMS some months after I got hitched. I sincerely thought I was pregnant. Then all my hpt's came back negative, my period was a month late. When it finally came it was heavy with a capital H and full of clots.

From then on they came irregular and crampy. Then I had the mother of all periods the following year when again it was delayed for 3 months and after that I bled for 3 months straight. I ended up in the emergency ward and was told I probably had a ruptured cyst. I was put on Provera to stop the bleeding and induce a period.

At this point I began to look in to PCOS. When I suggested to my doctor that I may have it, he brushed it aside, saying since my ultrasound scan didn't show anything unusual, it was unlikely that I had it. Yet he couldn't explain my irregular periods or why I wan't ovulating. None of the 3 different doctors I saw could give me a valid explanation, I kept asking them why now, why all of a sudden, what triggered the hormonal imbalance. No answer!

Anyway, ever since that first incident, my PMS has come to stay. It makes me worried that I may still not be ovulating. Because when I didn't have PCOS I didn't have PMS. And PMS is after all, a sign of hormonal imbalance.

In any case, all my speculations and theorizing will be put to rest once Dh get's back and we start Bd'ing on a regular basis. I'm more determined about BD now that there is a higher probability that I could get preggy. Henceforth I'll be the one tackling him to the ground. Previously I had zero interest... but that's another post for anther day. Bottom line is I can't wait to get back in the sack and I pray everything goes well.


I found this interesting video about the female hormonal cycle. And the little I gather is that my particular PMS could be caused by high oestrogen levels. Anyway, it's worth watching if you want to understand your cycles or if like me, you're plagued by PMS and want to understand its precursors. The good news here (and Thank God there is one!) is that according to Dr. Anderson, about 80% of hormonal imbalances is caused by disturbances in the blood sugar; either it being too high or too low. And that rectifying that would likely restore normalcy in the system. Phew!

Enjoy, :)

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