Saturday, 5 June 2010

I Want Triplets!

Or quadruplets! Doesn't matter which, I just want to have a lot of babies at once.

Before we got married Dh always said he wanted twins. It's good that he's completely relaxed about the idea of having multiples. Twins run in both our families you see, and we both want to have a large family with at least 4 kids. The probabilities of us having twins is up there. So I'm hoping his prayers will be answered in that regard, if I get pregnant naturally. I want to take it a step further though. I would like to have multiples. Lots of 'em!

Actually what I really want is to have a lot of kids at once and be done with it rather than waiting for four years between each child because of PCOS. Only a sufferer can understand the psychological torture of waiting, stalking your periods, sleuthing every change that occurs in your body and having different people poking around your lady bits every now and then.

I also don't plan on doing any family planning, or child spacing or any of that crap. Can't afford to, again not with PCOS snapping at my heels. I don't care if I get preggy again while one baby is still attached to my nipples. My mum got preggy with me while my brother was just 5 months, and we both turned out okay. The little suckers will have to deal with it. Ha!

Most ovulation inducing drugs often put a warning there that your risk of multiple births are higher. Bring it on, I say. Who wants one, when you can have three at once! I realize for this to happen we'll need help with fertility treatment. Again I pray that I can get pregnant on my own without needing to. But if we ever have to, I really hope we get three, or four for the price of one.

Yeah, the risks also get higher as you carry more babies. I know that. That's why I'm working out like a mad woman. By the time I'm done with my body, it'll be fit enough to carry ten babies!

PS. I'm not preggy. Bummer. The struggle continues!

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