Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I felt a fluttering in my tummy yesterday. Last night I noticed some CM after going to the toilet but it wasn't much. Then this morning on my way to the hospital for my blood test I felt a pain in my ass, literally. It's a pain I've always had in the past whenever I'm ovulating. An ass pain that makes it hard for me to sit down, sneeze or fart.

As soon as I got home I did an OPK test and got a BFP! 

Sorry about the wee bit of wee on the tip. I still couldn't believe my eyes, so I did three tests and they all came back significantly positive! I know this time there is definitely an LH surge FOR SURE. Whether or not my ovaries actually mature an egg is another matter. The OPK's only confirm an LH surge but not actual ovulation. 

My journey is only half way there. But I am so happy, so thankful to God that my body is responding to treatment. If Dh were around, we'd be doing the BD by now! But he's travelled, but there is hope for us this year. I pray he gets back soon so we can 'experiment' to make sure my tubes are open and his little swimmers are healthy. 

I'm also a bit worried about LPD. My last period was on the 19th of May. My next one is expected to start on the 21 of June. It's been two days apart for sometime now. If I'm ovulating on the 9th/10th of June, then my estimated leutal phase is roughly 11 days, which is considered not long enough. The average length of time between ovulation and the next menstrual date should be at least 14 days. Anything less than 12 can result in early miscarriage. Thankfully that can be remedied by taking vitamin B6 or applying progesterone cream. Phew!

Even then, there's so much stuff to worry about. God help me!

In the meantime, keeping up my weight loss. 8.8kg more to go to hit my target BMI. My hope is to be pregnant by the time I get to the end of my weight loss journey. 

I'm also taking a cocktail of herbs aside from my Met. 

Higher Nature Dong Quai and Agnus Castus
Evening Primrose Oil to alleviate PMS symptoms
Vitamin D supplements 


CM - cervical mucus, indicative ovulation
OPK- ovulation prediction kits
BFP - big fat positive, signifying a positive result
BD - baby dance
LH - leutinizing hormone, released in high amounts immediately before ovulation
LPD - leutal phase defect, when the time period between ovulation and menstruation
BMI - body mass index
PMS - premenstrual syndrome


  1. I have ovulated, too.

    Fingers crossed!

  2. Woot! Hope you get a BFP soon, :)