Monday, 7 June 2010

What The Heck is Going On???

I've been happily loosing weight now for the last four months. I'm getting towards the end of my weight loss journey and now for some inexplicable reason, I'm stuck!

My weight has been stuck for the past 3 weeks even though my waist and hips are getting smaller. I seem to have put on a kilo between this week and last week. That's after not loosing anything last month from when my PMS started until my period ended.

It sucks! Things have been going so well, wtf is going on?

Could it be the Metformin? I've heard a lot of women complain that it made them put on weight. Could it be the same with me? Should I go off it for a month and see if I loose weight? But then, if I do, I may not ovulate on my own? What then?


If met is the culprit I need to start looking at other ways to reduce my IR. I've always had an aversion for prescribed drugs. Because all drugs have a side effect, and taking a particular drug over a long period of time can cause more problems on the long run. If it were up to me (not my darn body) I would do everything naturally. But obviously in life we don't get everything we want. *sigh*

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